Cold Revenge — April 2, 2019: Detroit 3 NY 1

April 3, 2019 paperbacklou 0

The Klingons say revenge is a plate best served COLD. It was COLD at Yankee Stadium on this Tuesday night, April 1st. Paul O’Neill said it was COLDER than the night before, when it was COLD. […]


Yankee Roster as of New Year’s Day 2019

January 2, 2019 paperbacklou 0

So many changes this off season, and rumored changes that didn’t happen. Many Yankee fans were expecting the announcement of the signing of Manny Machado on New Year’s Eve, just as the Yanks had done […]


Opening Day. Predictions for 2017 Yankees

April 2, 2017 paperbacklou 0

Opening day 2017. Most media analysts predict an 80-82, 4th place finish for the Yankees for 2017. I predict a 90-72, 2nd place season with a Wild Card. Why the difference?  Most media analysts view […]

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