Yankee Prospects Starting to Look Good (and Needed)

June 29, 2016 paperbacklou 0

Two consecutive tough loses — games that should have been won — and three loses in a row overall, plus a hamstring injury to Carlos Beltran have put Yankee fans in a down mood this week — fans on Twitter seem leaning toward “sell”. On the bright side: Rob Refsnyder is […]

Ike Davis Optioned; Says He Feels Good (At Plate)

June 25, 2016 paperbacklou 0

Ike Davis was optioned today to make room for Mark Teixeira. Oddly enough he was interviewed on radio before the Yankee game, by Suzyn Waldman. Ike said he: Feels great this year and has power back in batting practice. Didn’t get enough at bats to show people how good he […]

Cano, Castro and the “Domino” of 2nd Basemen Trades

June 12, 2016 paperbacklou 0

Joel Sherman in yesterday’s NY Post points out that Robinson Cano leaving the Yankees set off a domino of trades for 2nd Basemen in the American League the last two years, and he argues the Chicago Cubs have done the best in getting Ben Zobrist, and the Yankees are the most […]

The Double Steal, the Easy Win, and Refsnyder Can Hit

June 5, 2016 paperbacklou 0

Easy win over the Orioles last night — 8-6. That’s a controversial statement. Yanks had a 7-0 lead but Joe Girardi kept a tiring Ivan Nova in too long in the 7th as the Orioles scored 6 runs on a homer by Mark Trumbo, a homer by Pedro Alvarez, and […]

CC Sabathia is “So” Back, Has You Thinking Hall of Fame Again

May 21, 2016 paperbacklou 0

CC Sabathia has had a bad knee. Started a few years ago. Not Kobe-Bryant-bone-on-bone but bad. He’s had surgery. He lost weight to put less weight on the knee. He didn’t have the hard fastball at the lower weight so he purposely put the weight back on. Last Year — […]

Chase Headley Is a Lifetime 15-68-.263 Hitter Per 162 Games

May 3, 2016 paperbacklou 0

Chase Headley has been really crapped on by most Yankee fans on Twitter for the last month. There have been some defending him. His average had sunk to .150 and he hasn’t gotten an extra base hit yet this year. But his defense has been good, this throws to first base solid this […]

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