September 22, 2018
  • dontforgetdidi

    2018 Yankee Season Look Out

    The 2018 season will be judged a disappointment if the Yankees don’t make it to the World Series. They could’ve/should’ve won it all last year — if Greg Bird were a bit faster, or if [...]
  • jordanmontgomery

    Jordan Montgomery Reminds Me of Andy Pettitte

    Jordan Montgomery reminds me of Andy Pettitte. Both are 6’5″ lefties who came up through the Yankee system and gave the Yankees solid start after solid start as rookies without fanfare. Andy Pettitte Andy Pettitte [...]
  • tanaka2017

    Opening Day. Predictions for 2017 Yankees

    Opening day 2017. Most media analysts predict an 80-82, 4th place finish for the Yankees for 2017. I predict a 90-72, 2nd place season with a Wild Card. Why the difference?  Most media analysts view [...]

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