Judge vs Altuve for MVP; Judge Hurt by Trout?

October 1, 2017 paperbacklou 0

Going into the final game of the season, the Yankees are 91-70 and are the #1 wildcard but were officially eliminated from winning the division title yesterday when the Red Sox beat the Astros. While […]


Opening Day. Predictions for 2017 Yankees

April 2, 2017 paperbacklou 0

Opening day 2017. Most media analysts predict an 80-82, 4th place finish for the Yankees for 2017. I predict a 90-72, 2nd place season with a Wild Card. Why the difference?  Most media analysts view […]


Yank Starters Off to Good “Start”

March 2, 2017 paperbacklou 0

The Yankees are 6-1 in Spring training so far, and the starters are off to a good “start”. The game by game results so far, by game #: 1. Bryan Mitchell 2 IP 0 R, […]


Yankees Need a Big Bopper Free-Agent DH

October 9, 2016 paperbacklou 0

Everybody’s got one. It’s the oldest and newest fad. A big bopper DH. When the Designated Hitter was invented and put into place in 1974, teams grabbed their best-available hitter who couldn’t field well and put […]