Why the Yankees Traded Jordan Montgomery

August 6, 2022 paperbacklou 0

As a huge fan of Jordan Montgomery, I was bummed about the trade of Monty to St Louis for super defensive centerfielder¬†Harrison Bader. I’m a huge fan of Montgomery for the following reasons: I’m a […]


Who’s on 3rd? For the Yankees. I Don’t Know

June 18, 2022 paperbacklou 0

In Abbott and Costello’s famous baseball routine, “I Don’t Know” plays 3rd base. For the Yankees, Josh Donaldson started the season as their 3rd baseman, and two months in, they picked up Matt Carpenter for […]


Aaron Judge Is the Face of Baseball

April 9, 2022 paperbacklou 0

Aaron Judge is the current Face of Baseball. That doesn’t mean he’s the best player — Mike Trout has consistently put up bigger numbers each year. But Judge is close in numbers, and he has […]


Prediction for the 2021 Yankee Season

April 1, 2021 paperbacklou 0

It’s that time of year — opening day this afternoon — and it is in the 40’s (high maybe 50 degrees) and overcast. In other words people are going to freeze their ass off who […]

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