Prediction for the 2021 Yankee Season

April 1, 2021 paperbacklou 0

It’s that time of year — opening day this afternoon — and it is in the 40’s (high maybe 50 degrees) and overcast. In other words people are going to freeze their ass off who […]


The Brett Gardner Equation — 2021 Formula

February 7, 2021 paperbacklou 1

Postulate: Brett Gardner is the least liked long-time Yankee in team history. Not that he is disliked — but Yankee fans seem to have a universal “meh” attitude towards him. The Brett Gardner equation: Still […]


11 Yankees Who Have Led League in Total Bases

August 13, 2020 paperbacklou 0

Before OPS and WAR and all the other advanced states of today, the ultimate stat for how good a hitter was overall was Total Bases. Simply put — the addition of singles (1 base), doubles […]


Why Harold Baines BELONGS in Hall of Fame

July 21, 2019 paperbacklou 8

Considering how hard it is to make Major League Baseball (see Greg Bird), and how hard it is to stick in the Major Leagues (see Greg Bird), and how hard it is to forge a […]


The First “Opener” in Yankee History = Chad Green

May 24, 2019 paperbacklou 0

The Yankees had the first “Designated Hitter” (DH) in Ron Blomberg. The Yankees arguably had the first designated “Closer” in Joe Page. The Yankees arguably had the first designated “Setup Man” in Dick Tidrow. The […]

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