Welcome to Yankee.Blue. We are Yankee fans that see blue, talk blue, hear blue, and feel blue — Yankee blue. Hex # 1C2841. At home we light Yankee candles and watch Yankee baseball and talk with a Yankee accent about all things Yankee. We’re a Yankee Doodle Dandy. And our favorite color is Blue. Yankee Blue.

Lou V

Lou has been a Yankees fan since he was 6 yrs old, when his dad put a Yankee game on a black & white tv in their apartment on Fort Hamilton Pkwy in Brooklyn. Dad told him there had been a Brooklyn team, but they moved to California. And there was a NY team called the Giants, but they moved to California too. But the Yankees stayed. Became a fan on the spot. And there was another new team called the Mets but Lou wasn’t listening anymore.

Bobby Lyle

Avid baseball & basketball junkie, and Yankees and Knicks fan, Bobby is an architect for Fortune 500 companies. In his younger days Bobby played centerfield on the NY Hustlers of the Federal Baseball League — semi-pro baseball league in the 1980s.

Terri V

Terri is ‘the wife’ who watches almost as many Yankee games as her husband simply because, they’re always on TV. Excellent observer with intuition and can cut right to the point.

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