Baseball Card Boon Begins During COVID

Dateline: March 2021. Baseball Cards are BACK.

The Boon is on again — after dying in the early 90’s as the boon of the mid 1980’s fizzled.

COVID appears to have triggered lots of people trying to figure out fun things to do in their houses — and collecting baseball cards was high on the list for sports fans with no baseball being played.

Like before, cards collected when nobody was very actively collecting cards — anything before 1983 — are more valuable; cards during the boon of 1984 to early 90’s are mostly worthless — and then cards bought after the early 90’s are valuable — because nobody was buying them again.

The boon is not just for Baseball Cards but for all sports cards and wacky cards too. Basketball cards draw intense interest — as they never had a boon even in the 1980’s.

Report from Target, 3/21/2021: the woman who worked for the baseball card distributor used to get swarmed by so many people (mostly adult men) in the store when she came in with a cart of new baseball/basketball/football cards, she had a nervous breakdown and quit while in the store one day, said a manager in the store. He said the demand for sports cards has rocketed the last year during Coronavirus.

A sign of the times in Target yesterday. There were no baseball or basketball or football cards on the shelf at all. All sold out.

We were in a piano store yesterday in White Plains, and the salesman there said the same thing: the last year has been a boon for them in selling pianos. People at home with a lot of time on their hands.

PS: Phil Hughes former Yank is a funny guy and good follow on twitter; avid baseball card collector.

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