The Brett Gardner Equation — 2021 Formula

Postulate: Brett Gardner is the least liked long-time Yankee in team history. Not that he is disliked — but Yankee fans seem to have a universal “meh” attitude towards him.

The Brett Gardner equation:

  1. Still Gold Glove-level defense as backup centerfielder or left fielder; Hicks could get injured for example
  2. High OBP even if he bats .225 again like last yr (his OBP was .354!)
  3. LEFTY bat w some power. Yanks NEED lefties
  4. Clubhouse leadership

Gardner reminds me of other long-time, secondary-star Yanks like Hank Bauer, ‘Old Reliable’ Tommy Henrich, or ‘Mr Consistency’ Roy White. Gardner will be 37 next year, the age at which NY traded Bauer (to KC for Roger Maris) & Lindell’s final yr (made All Star team). White retired at 36 yrs old.

Compare Gardner’s long Yankee career to these other long-time Yankee secondary stars — he is comparable:

Brett Gardner:

Roy White:

Tommy Henrich:

Hank Bauer:

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