Should Rico Noel Be on Yankee Post-Season Roster?

September 27, 2015 paperbacklou 5

Yankee radio post-game analyst Sweeny Murti asked the question last night after a Yankee 2-1 win over the White Sox: Because of his incredible speed and utility in helping to score a run for the […]


ARod’s “DAMN” Turning Point of Game

September 9, 2015 paperbacklou 0

“DAMN IT” yelled Alex Rodriguez, his voice clearly audible on TV, after his mile-high fly out to end the 3rd.  Very rare when you hear a player’s voice on TV but the acoustics must have […]


Ivan Nova vs Chris Archer vs Michael Pineda

September 7, 2015 paperbacklou 0

Ivan Nova outdueled Chris Archer yesterday. “Outdueled” may be a strong word. “Out pitched”, “Out lasted”, or simply, “Beat” may be more appropriate. Didn’t look like it would be that way at first — as […]


Luis Severino Wins Easy; Needs Nickname

September 5, 2015 paperbacklou 0

By now in 1978 the announcers would be figuring out a nickname for him — like they did with Ron Guidry back then — “Gator”, “Louisiana Lightning”. The Kid, Yankee fan John Snyder kept referring […]


The Fan Died. ARod Saga Becoming Surreal

August 30, 2015 paperbacklou 0

And so the comment someone (reader Willhelm Kaiser) wrote on espn — “I wonder if they will boo Arod today”. ARod Saga Becomes Surreal The ARod saga has become surreal. We Yankee fans are used […]


Willie Randolph: Childhood Memories

June 21, 2015 paperbacklou 0

Willie Randolph was my favorite player growing up. I became a Yankee fan at age 11 in 1973 and by 1975 had already suffered through Horace Clarke and then Sandy Alomar — who wasn’t bad […]


Where is Graig Nettles’ Plaque in Monument Park?

June 20, 2015 paperbacklou 0

And ps: where is Graig Nettles? Not at this year’s Old Timers Game. That’s GRAIG Nettles. Not Craig Nettles. All-time Greatest Yankee 3rd Baseman. Last we heard he lived in New Jersey. All-time leader in […]

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