Yankee Relief Pitcher “Wall of Fame”

April 27, 2019 paperbacklou 0

The Yankees have a dynamite bullpen this year — with Aroldis Chapman the ace, and and many of their setup men capable of being ace relievers — Dellin Betances (who has been out injured so […]


Mel Stottlemyre

January 14, 2019 paperbacklou 0

I was watching the game on TV when Mel Stottlemyre threw that pitch and there was a little bit of a hitch in his arm — it was noticeable. I thought, ‘that looked odd’. I […]


The 2nd Best Centerfielder in the American League

September 23, 2018 paperbacklou 0

Having a great centerfielder is the wish of every baseball fan. Especially Yankee fans — who have a tradition of Joe DiMaggio followed by Mickey Mantle to measure centerfielders against. In the 1970’s Bobby Murcer was to […]

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