Mario Cuomo Hit Better than Half the Yankee Lineup Last Year

Ok it was 1952. In the D level minor leagues. Mario Cuomo — former 3-time Governor of New York who recently passed away — hit .244 in his one season of professional baseball in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization — after a standout career on the sandlots of Queens and St John’s University.


That batting average was better than half the Yankee lineup last year — better than Brian McCann (.232), Mark Teixeira (.216), Brian Roberts (.237), Carlos Beltran (.233), Alfonso Soriano (.221), Kelly Johnson (.219), Stephen Drew (.150), Brendan Ryan (.167), Zelous Wheeler (.193), Zoilo Almonte (.139), Dean Anna (.136), and Austin Romine (.231).

As the season drew to a close last year it was easy to take your eye off those batting averages — but holy cow (Phil Rizzuto) LOOK AT THEM. Five (5) guys who were regulars at one point batted under .200!

All the Pitchers Look Like Cy Young; All the Hitters Look Like Mario Cuomo

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 1.05.51 PM.JPGA few years ago some writers in the media gave a warning to look out for a big drop off in hitting starting in 2013 with increased PED testing (heck players can’t even take amphetamines anymore).

In 2014 all the pitchers looked like Cy Young; and all the hitters looked like Mario Cuomo.

Mario Cuomo Baseball Card

The baseball card pictured here — a 1997 Topps Mario Cuomo baseball card currently on sale on eBay — is courtesy of a poster named Leximo2 on eBay, who writes: “Last year, I purchased a very large lot of cards from someone whose dad had worked for Topps for 37 years as director of production and quality control. Among the lot was this one, and in researching it, I found out that former New York Governor Cuomo represented Topps in 1997 during labor negotiations with the union when they were shutting down their Duryea, PA, printing operations and outsourcing the printing. I’m assuming that they made this card solely for Cuomo to thank him, in part, for his representation.

Picture of Topps card courtesy Leximo2 on eBay


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