Yanks Demolish Orioles — Aug 7, 2019: NY 14 Baltimore 2

For the Yankees:

Home Run

Home Run

Home Run

Home Run

Home Run

James Paxton pitched great. Ballgame.

The game in a nut shell. Kyle Higashioka and Gio Urshela hit 2 home runs each; Cameron Maybin hit a home run. Maybin was 4 for 5; Urshela 3 for 5. Brett Gardner and Didi Gregorius got 2 hits each. The only one not hitting many homers these days for the Yankees is Aaron Judge — who went 1 for 4 with a line shot RBI single in the 6th — so at least he is clearly out of his slump now.

With the ball SO LIVELY — it seems all a hitter needs to do is put his A swing on the ball and it goes. Contact hitters or guys in a groove — Higashioka and Urshela and Maybin and Austin Romine and Mike Tauchman — become home run threats while diluting the ability of an Aaron Judge or Gary Sanchez. I mean look at some of these homers — WAY OVER the centerfield wall — or line drives that go over the wall in left.

Although for Baltimore Trey Mancini was the only one to hit a homer — a measure of the pitching of Paxton.

It got so bad for Baltimore there was a dustup in the dugout between Chris Davis and Baltimore manager Brandon Hyde.

John Means started for Baltimore and took some of the shellacking; Tayler Scott, Tom Eshelman, and David Hess absorbed punishment as well.

The Yanks are now 75-39, 10 games ahead of Tampa; 16 ahead of Boston (remember them?).


Chance Adams pitched 2.2 innings of relief and did well — 1 run on 1 hit.

On the Yankee broadcast, Ken Singleton had this to say about DJ LeMahieu: “To me he is a baseball player — and when you say that to someone, that is the ultimate compliment to a big leaguer.” Singleton recalled in the early 2000’s when former teammate and NY’er Terry Crowley — then the hitting coach for Baltimore — told him as they were talking about Hidecki Matsui, “the Yankees are really good for several reasons; #1 is that they have a team full of baseball players. They seem to know exactly what to do at the right time & they don’t fall to the pressure.” And Matsui was one of those players — always hit and did the right things in the clutch.

Gio Urshela‘s current slash line: 14-55-.319 (.363 OBP). A player needs 3.1 plate appearances per team game to qualify for league leaders. Gio Urshela would need 3.1 x 113 =350.3 plate appearances. He has 325 plate appearances.

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