Mets Fans & Media Who Crapped On Matt Harvey Can Put Head in Toilet Bowl and Flush

Every Mets fan and media nitwit who crapped on Matt Harvey this year and last year can PUT THEIR HEAD IN THE TOILET BOWL AND FLUSH.
Media and Mets fans CRAPPED all over this guy last year for having audacity of saying docs told him to not pitch more than 180 innings. Coming off Tommy John surgery.
He showed everyone what a gamer he is — pitched Mets into World Series; pitched over 220 innings — demands the ball for the ninth inning of shutout in final game — Mets couldn’t get him a run; the ballpen blows the save now this year Mets fans and media are CRAPPING all over him for demanding the ball in the 9th — how selfish of him. He jeopardized himself and the team.
He’s got a tired arm this year — docs told you so — and now Mets fans and media are CRAPPING all over him again. “Trade the bum.”
And if his arm is blown he’ll miss out on the big contract — tens of $millions probably over $100 million — he has still NOT made big money on baseball. He is paid $660k a year if his career ends tomorrow he’ll need to find a job. Mets team meanwhile has made $$Millions on him with uniform sales and World Series money; the restaurants and sports bars made money on Mets World Series run; the media makes money — everyone made big $$ but Harvey.
This is why, if you are a baseball player — you HAVE TO make it about yourself. Not about winning, or the fans, or the home team. They can give a Crap about you. See Ken Griffey Jr. for a player who accepted a lot less money (spurning the Yankees $18 mil-a-year money to accept $11 mil-a-year to play in hometown Cincinnati) who was promptly booed out of town when he broke down by injury (possibly due to steroids?).

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