Didi Gregorius Not Gregarious But Better than Robinson Cano

Someone asked me last night “Isn’t Didi Gregorius‘s last name an actual word?” The word is gregarious. Have never spoken to Gregorius to know if he is gregarious (although he sure has a great smile and seems from interviews to be) but his name is spelled with an o instead of the first a, and no “ious” (as in serious) at the end just “ius”.

Robinson Cano got 3 hits last night to raise his batting average to .250. His On Base Avg (OBA) is now .285. He has 5 homeruns and 27 RBI’s. He is 32. He makes $25 to $35 million a year to infinity — this year and the next 8 years to follow.

Didi Gregorius, after a rough start, is now batting .245 with a .300 OBA. He has 4 homeruns and 17 RBI’s. He is 25. He makes $550k a year right now. The Yankees are hoping they have to pay him big money someday.


Last night, on a night when Chris Archer of Tampa Bay was stifling the Yankees — Didi was the lone Yankee who wasn’t having a problem with him. Through 7 innings, the Yankees were losing 3-0 and had only 3 hits — Didi had 2 of them — both solid shots (Chase Headley had the other hit a broken bat, excuse-me hit into left).

While Didi’s defense — horrible in the first half of the season — has been better lately (he’s still no Jeter — last night a shot to his right went past him; a play Jeter would have made in his sleep) — there are now reports out of Seattle that Cano has been making mental errors in the field.

Thank You Brian Cashman

So here’s a big thank you to Brian Cashman for ‘doing the right thing’ and letting Cano walk, and shipping Shane ‘minor leagues right now’ Greene to Detroit (3-team trade w Arizona) for the still-promising young shortshop, Didi not-Gregarious Gregorius .

Once again those numbers:

Didi Gregorius:  4-17-.245 w .300 OBA

Robinson Cano: 5-27-.250 w .285 OBA


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