ARod’s Rejuvenation Due to Legal Blood Treatments?

ARod hit 3 (three) homeruns last night to rescue the Yankees from a 5-1 deficit, and carry them to an 8-5 win, his third homer tieing the game in the ninth inning in Minnesota before JR Murphy put Yanks ahead for good with a 3-run homer of his own. ARod has now played 90 of the first-place Yankees 96 games, and his numbers are:

Alex Rodriguez: 23 HR, 58 RBI, .277 Avg, .375 OBP

ARod Confusing .. Everyone

ARod’s resurgence has confused.. everyone. He looked so bad two years ago, with a bad hip. Some are speculating that he could.. and could not possibly be using PED’s. No way. Some in the media are saying he was always this good — and the PED and steroid usage didn’t inflate his stats but simply ruined his reputation.

The Story of the Day .. Is from 2011

But the story of the day — and the reason for his success this year — may be the rejuvenation itself — the same treatment Kobe Bryant underwent to heal his bone-on-bone knee, which caused Kobe to come back this season playing like he was 25 again.

So we go back to a 2011 article that discusses it:

Key highlights:

“As Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters .. “Kobe Bryant had maintained, according to Alex, that he felt significantly better because of it.””

ARod received treatment from Peter Wehling, “a brash molecular scientist with a taste for celebrity.. Wehling’s treatment involves isolating growth factors and other healing agents in his patient’s blood that stop a particularly destructive arthritic agent known as interleukin-1, which causes degeneration of the joints. After he incubates and supercharges the proteins, Wehling gets a serum that he says is up to 1,000-times higher in the arthritis fighting growth factors than normal blood.”

“According to the New York Post, the Yankees sought guidance from Major League Baseball before allowing A-Rod to travel to Dusseldorf on Dec. 5 for treatment on his right knee, which had surgery for a slightly torn meniscus this summer. In a conference call with reporters, Cashman said the league permitted the procedure.”

Wehling recently opened an outpost of his clinic in Los Angeles with veteran anti-aging specialist, Chris Renna, and another in New York with neurologist Douglas Schottenstein, who told the New York Post that he’s done more than 50 procedures.”

“The (FDA) has issued several sternly worded advisories in recent months (in 2011), warning orthopedists to avoid incubating blood more than a few hours to boost its healing properties. Wehling’s procedure involves incubating the blood for a day.”

So there you have it. Could it be possible, that ARod continues to receive these treatments, incubating his blood, to make him young again?

So many questions:

  • What is the difference between this and the blood doping that Lance Armstrong was using to win 5 bicycle Tour De France races? (Well for one, this treatment is approved by MLB.)
  • If this is at some point deemed not legal, then what is the difference between this — modern medicine techniques to naturally heal the body — and eating a lot of spinach?
  • Has the good molecular scientist Peter Wehling found the Fountain of Youth?
  • Didn’t CC Sabathia undergo this same treatment to revitalize his knee? If so how come he keeps getting lit up this year?
  • When will some of this be available for people with hernitated C5-C6 discs like me?

If you have a question, or an answer, please post.

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