BOR-RING — May 4, 2019: Minn 7 NY 3

This loss was the most boring game of the year (except for a Gary Sanchez bomb). It rivaled the 3-1 loss earlier this week; also very boring. And the 3-2 loss on Wednesday; pretty boring. All the losses seem boring. The wins, exciting.

This may have been an exciting game for Minnesota Twins fans; not sure.

Odorizzi Makes Your Team Look Boring

Jake Odorizzi can make a game very boring for your team, as he shuts down your offense. Odorizzi did that to the Yankees — pitching 6 innings of 2-hit shutout ball, striking out 8.

“Ketch Up”

On the Yankee mound — J.A. Happ not so happy as last time; 4 runs (3 earned) in 5.2 innings. Not awful; and it could have been worse had Cameron Maybin not made a spectacular catch at the wall for the final out of the 4th, saving what appeared to be a 3-run homer.

Happ wasn’t horrible but he put the Yanks in a hole that they couldn’t quite climb out of because the Twins kept adding a run to the lead late in the game against the Yankee ballpen.

So after DJ LeMahieu singled in a run to make it 5-2 in the 7th, breathing life into thoughts of a Yankee comeback — Minnesota quickly made it 6-2 with a run in the top of the next inning off Stephen Tarpley.

And when Gary Sanchez hit a BOMB in the 8th to pull the Yanks to within 6-3 (and tieing him for the American League lead in homeruns with 11), Jake Barrett — in his first Yankee appearance — coughed up a homerun to Nelson Cruz to make it 7-3 and game out of reach.

And that was really kind of it. Boring loss. Exciting win for Minnesota fans. We could talk about Miguel Andujar‘s defense in this game — not sure if that is a boring topic or an ugly topic.

Andujar’s Defense

Andujar — just back from the injury list with the torn labrum in his shoulder that he got from diving back into 3rd base about a month ago — played 3rd. Yankee fans on twitter couldn’t understand why he couldn’t be eased in at DH but Aaron Boone explained after the game he wanted to keep Gary Sanchez’s hot bat in the lineup and didn’t want Gary catching on a day game after a night game.

Andujar’s defense is going to be scrutinized even more now that we’ve had a full taste of Gio Urshela playing spectacular defense at the position. In this game — Andujar had all of Yankee Twitter aflitter — calling him to never play 3rd base again. In the 2nd he allowed a ground ball by Eddie Rosario to go under his glove for an error. And then in the 7th he gobbled up a slow roller by Nelson Cruz and flipped to 2nd base but threw it into right field. Yikes.


Besides Sanchez’s homerun, Gardner had a hit and scored a run (on a wild pitch in the 7th), Gleyber Torres got a hit, Maybin got a hit, DJ LeMahieu got 2 hits, and Andujar got a hit and a walk — good to have LeMahieu and Andujar back in the lineup.

Replay Wrong?

The Yanks appeared to get robbed on another replay when DJ LeMahieu was called out on a pickoff of him at first base. This marked the 3rd time this week the Yanks appeared to have gotten the short end of a bad call by the replay guys!

As R. Scott Tiley observed on Twitter:

Injured List

Before the game James Paxton was added to the injured list, joining Luis Severino, Dellin Betances, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Didi Gregorius, Clint Frazier, etc etc

The Boxscore

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