Grisly Day. Hooptedoodle

“Grisly inning for the Yankees” summed up John Sterling.

Grisly inning on a grisly day.

Nick Goody allowed 3 hits & 2 runs in the 7th

Hurricane Joaquin Andujar’s Ghost was heading to Europe but his left foot was kicking baseball in the head — COLD and rainy day — 50 degrees, rain off and on, swirling wind. A day-night doubleheader in Baltimore — games 160 and 161.

Yankees need ONE WIN to cement home-field advantage for the Wild Card playoff game. First game, Ivan Nova hanging in there but Yanks down 3-0 to Wei-Yin Chen in the 6th. Two on; two out. In comes Chasen Shreve. Joe Girardi looking to see if he could still ‘find himself’.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose!!!!!!!!!!

It was ALL GREEN for Balitmore:

Game Log NY Balt
Gerardo Parra singled to right, Ryan Flaherty scored, Nolan Reimold to third. 0 4
Manny Machado reached on infield single to pitcher, Reimold scored, Parra to second. 0 5
Chris Davis singled to center, Parra scored, Machado to third. 0 6
Machado scored, Davis to second on wild pitch by Shreve. 0 7
Wieters walked. 0 7
Pearce popped out to second.

By the 8th, it was 9-2 Baltimore and on radio Suzyn Waldman started audibly counting people in the bleachers “1”.. “2” .. “3”… “4”.. she felt there were 15 people there.

In the 9th, Girardi had Rico Noel get up for Jose Pirela — it was Rico’s FIRST AT BAT in the Major Leagues. Rico the running man with meteor speed who has been the Yankees’ Secret Weapon lately. Rico hid a squibbler down third and beat it out for a BASE HIT. He has a 1.000 batting average. He will probably end the season with it.

After the game Joe Girardi took off his hat and put it on the table. He said he put Shreve in, in an effort to have him “find himself”. And he’d put him out there again tomorrow in a similar situation. Yankee fans listening shuddered. He talked at length on the importance of home field advantage, but that said, he said the only thing more important is to not have tired players. So he’d rest Brett Gardner and Chase Headley for the second game. Yankee fans relaxed.

Then everyone left Twitter for 3 hours as we awaited the second game.


The Night Cap

Luis Severino versus UBALDO Jimenez. Most Yankee fans on twitter felt they would win. They didn’t.


Severino pitched well — 7 innings. 3 runs. Yanks down 3-0 tied it in the 5th when Jimenez walked in the tieing run. But they left the bases loaded; left 2 on in the 6th. Couldn’t score any more off Jimenez who they built a high pitch count on, nor the relievers T.J. McFarland or Zach Britton — who even picked off poor Rico Noel in the 8th.

Robert Refsnyder has been HITTING & fielding well; missed this one but showed passion & air time

Dellin Betances entered the 8th. Robert RefSnyder almost made a spectacular catch on a bloop behind 2nd, but didn’t. The run came around to score. 


Betances got the loss

Grisly day.

Houston won. Now the Yankees HAVE TO win today — game 162 — to secure home field on Tuesday night. It’s all on the back of Michael Pineda who got TORCHED for 7 runs by Boston last time out.

Note: This article is an ode to “10 simple tips for writing” By ELMORE LEONARD published on July 16, 2001 in the NY Times.




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