Tanaka Gives Yanks Great Start; Offense Fizzes; Tampa 1 NY 0; Aug 7, 2020

The Yankee starting staff has been mostly Gerrit Cole and pray for rain so far this year with James Paxton rusty after back surgery, JA Happ getting hit, and Jordan Montgomery providing one good start but getting pelted his last start. Included in the poor pitching were uneven starts by Masahiro Tanaka, after he got beaned off the head by a line drive at the end of the practice games (July Spring training).

Not so this start — Tanaka was in gear and gave the Yanks 5 shutout innings in Tampa’s dome on a Friday night. And Luis Cessa followed with 2 shutout innings.

But Blake Snell (3 innings) and the Tampa bullpen kept the Yankee offense scoreless too — and this game went to the 8th a 0-0 tie. Pinch hitter Matt Perez hit a sac fly to center to score off Adam Ottavino for the only run of the game and won 1-0.

The Yanks got 2 hits — DJ LeMahieu and Mike Tauchman — and that was it. The Yanks fell to 9-4.

The Boxscore



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