A Big “10 – 4”. Yankees Crush Minnesota Late

June 11, 2022 paperbacklou 0

On the tv show Highway Patrol in the 1950’s, Broderick Crawford would talk to headquarters with the microphone of his car radio and always end his conversation with “10-4” meaning, “Message received, understood, and signing out.” […]


Monty Finally Gets the Win! NY 9 LA Angels 1

June 1, 2022 paperbacklou 0

Jordan Montgomery finally got run support and pitched deep into the game — 7 innings of 1-run ball — to get the win — his first victory of the season. Monty had pitched great in […]


John Sterling Jinxes Yanks. Tampa 4 NY 2

May 30, 2022 paperbacklou 0

The score was 1-1 in the 5th inning when Taylor Walls stepped up and John Sterling on the radio jinxed the Yanks, commenting on what Walls said the other night: that the Yanks were “very […]


Tampa Catches Every Break in Beating Yankees, 3-1

May 29, 2022 paperbacklou 0

“Some games it seems you’re not supposed to win,” said John Sterling on the radio. “Every little thing goes against you.” Like: An umpire that was not calling strikes for Gerrit Cole on the outer part […]


Jameson Taillon Terrific. NY 2 Tampa 0

May 28, 2022 paperbacklou 1

In the recent conversation of who the Yankee’s Ace is — Nestor Cortes Jr or Gerrit Cole — and do the Yankees have 3 Aces with Luis Severino — Jameson Taillon said “What About Me?” […]

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