German Engineering. With Offense by Ford. 3 Reasons Why NY 7 Baltimore 0 on 4-28-21

There is a reason why Domingo German went 18-4 two years ago. He is a really good pitcher, who pitches deep into games — goes through a lineup 3 times. And often leaves with the lead. As he did in this game when he pitched 7 shutout, 3 hit innings, striking out 6 and walking 1.

And offense by Ford. Mike Ford. All American. Built Ford tough. A homerun in the 2nd inning that was all German and the Yankees needed. The game winner. The Bronx Bombers scored 6 more runs as the night progressed to win in this laugher on a warm Wednesday night in Baltimore, 7-0.

1. German Looking Good

In Spring Training a scout was quoted as saying Domingo German had the 2nd best stuff on the Yankee staff behind Gerrit Cole. But German — pronounced Hermannn of course — had trouble in his first regular season start (an April 4th loss to Toronto where he allowed 3 runs in 3 innings), that caused the Yanks to send him to the Alternate Site for a while.

He says he didn’t do anything specific at the Alternate Site — in general working on commanding his fastball.

He is back and looking good in his last 2 starts — in his prior start he got tagged for 2 earned runs in the 1st inning that should have been unearned runs due to a couple of errors (by Gleyber Torres and Mike Ford) that were charged as hits.

In this game there was no such thing. German pitched shutout ball. His curveball curving wonderfully; his fastball looking fast. “I’m back,” said German after the game. “I feel better than before, and I’m just getting started now.”

Said Boone: “I thought his stuff was really good. He has that ability to throttle back and forth a little bit on his fastball; reach back when he really has to. His sinker was really good and lively; he ripped some really good ones that he brought back to the outside corner. And he mixed; he pitched. Good breaking ball; really good changeup. In command. He finished off that 7th inning where he was probably starting to get a little tired, he reached back and made a pitch to finish off what was a great outing for us and a great tone setter on the evening.”

2. Built Ford Tough

Lefty hitter Mike Ford hit an opposite-field homer to left to lead off the top of the 3rd against Baltimore starter Dean Kremer, and that was all the offense German needed.

3. Giancarlo ROCKET Starts 4th Inning Rally

With one out in the 3rd, DJ LeMahieu singled and Giancarlo Stanton hit a ROCKET to shortstop that could have been a double play to end the inning if it wasn’t HIT SO HARD that it couldn’t be handled.

Instead it was a single, and allowed for a big inning when Gleyber Torres then singled, and Gio Urshela — the most fundamentally sound player on the Yankees — hit a homer to left. It was 5-0 NY.

4. Fundamental Baseball Run in the 5th

The Yankees got their second fundamental-baseball run in two days when they loaded the bases in the top of the 5th (single by Stanton, single by Urshela, walk to Ford) and Aaron Hicks hit a sac fly to score a run to make it 6-0. This run was so boring we won’t post a video snippet of it.

5. Frazier Smokes One

Clint Frazier got a fundamental baseball run in the 8th with a homerun to make it 7-0. Clint Frazier said on Sunday that he felt in batting practice that he was ‘close’ to being in a groove; he could ‘feel it’. Frazier said he has had about 500 different batting stances in his career; he is constantly changing his stance when the one he is using doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Frazier went 2 for 4 so maybe he is right.

6. Michael King Closes It Out

Michael King — the Yankees 6th starter who has looked so good this year Yankee fans can’t figure out why he isn’t starting — pitched 2 shutout innings to close it out.

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  1. As a German, I appreciate the headline. As an American who drives a Ford F-150, I appreciate the headline. And the Yankees performances. Domingo should change the pronunciation of his name. Is he not proud of his German heritage?

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