4 Hits. 4 Reasons Why Baltimore 4 NY 2 on 4-26-21

4 (four) hits. Yet again the Yankees got 5 hits or less. And thus they lost. Again. To Baltimore who got 8 hits and 4 runs, in winning 4-2 on a Monday night in Baltimore. The Yanks are now 9-13.

How it went down:

1. Deivi Pitched OK

This was the first start of the year for Deivi Garcia, the Yankees heralded, diminutive 5’9 righty who pitches to contact with lots of movement. After allowing a home run to the first batter of the game — centerfielder Cedric Mullins — he pitched 4 innings, allowing 3 hits and 2 runs.

Garcia was in at least some trouble in every inning — allowing a run in the 2nd inning (allowing a walk and a double), walked a batter in the 3rd (no runs), and allowed a double and walk in the 4th (again no runs). He finished with 65 pitches; 40 strikes.

2. Four (4) Hits

The Yanks scored a run in the 6th to make it 2-1 Baltimore, on back-to-back doubles by Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge with 2 outs. Sadly, Clint Frazier had walked earlier in the inning but was erased on a double play grounder hit into by DJ LeMahieu.

The Yanks loaded the bases with 1 out in the top of the 8th off three walks. Down 4-1, Gio Urshela singled in a run, but Aaron Judge was thrown out at 3rd killing the rally.

Urshela ended 2-4 and is batting .264.

Judge went 1-3 with a walk, and is batting .250 with a .377 OBP.

After this game, 34 players in the American League had a batting average over .260 — which means 3/4 of the regular batters in the league are under .260. The ball is lively, resulting in a lot of movement on pitches, lots of strikeouts, low batting averages, and lots of homers. A walk is a walk however, and that is why you see good batters with decent OBP’s at least.

3. Matt  Harvey

The good news was that it was Matt Harvey shutting the Yankees down for 6 innings. THE Matt Harvey. The guy who used to be The Dark Knight, who led the Mets to the 2015 World Series and was Crapped on by Mets fans in a Lord of the Flies thing where he turned from Dark Knight to “Piggy”.

That was the year when Harvey, coming back from Tommy John surgery, reminded everyone in August that the docs told him not to go over 150 innings pitched that year — and Talk Show media and Fans went ballistic — saying how dare he bring that up and what did 150 inning pitch limit mean he couldn’t pitch after 151 innings, etc etc.

So Harvey said Fuck it and pitched the Mets thru the playoffs into the World Series — 220 innings, including pitching a shutout into the 9th in game 6 of the World Series — when he demanded the ball for the 9th, and then a couple of bloop hits tie score and the Mets lost in extra innings. Which caused Mets fans to go ballistic on him again — the selfishness of demanding the ball how dare he!

And then the dead arm the next year (docs told you so) and he was lambasted again by Mets Twitter and fans on talk radio.

Worse yet this all came before he was a free agent — and he never made the big money.

So it was good seeing Matt Harvey pitch well. 6 innings, 3 hits, 1 run — and the win he is now 2-1 4.26. Horrah.

4. Yankee Bullpen Not Perfect

The Yank bullpen was not perfect again — Darren O’Day allowed a run in the 6th and Justin Wilson allowed a run in the 7th on 2 hits.

And that was ballgame.

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