Your Typical 4-3 Loss. With Controversy — June 4, 2019: Toronto 4 NY 3

It was your typical 4-3 baseball loss. It was also the second straight game where Masahiro Tanaka pitched 6 innings and allowed 4 runs, after a scintillating May.

Clint Frazier — under siege for the 3 errors in the previous game against Boston on Sunday, and then not talking to the press afterwards, and then talking to the press before the game in the locker room but complaining that he’s been unfairly covered (negative coverage of his uniform # choice, etc) — started off the scoring with a home run.

Bryan Hoch reminded us of a Reggie Jackson quote: “If you have a bat in your hands, you can change the story.

Katie Sharp reminded us that Clint Frazier has hit 13-32 (.406) 5 HR 22 RBI with RISP this year.

The Stare Down

After the game, Frazier again spoke to the press. He answered this question from Ken Davidoff with a minimal response, and an immediately-famous-on-Yankee-Twitter Stare Down.

The Boxscore

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