Not a Big Deal — Sept 6, 2019: Boston 6 NY 1

It is now a long shot that Domingo German get 20 wins this year. He is 17-4 after losing to Boston 6-1 in this game, with 20 games left aka 4 more starts. This loss could have been a different story if Gleyber Torres had played the hot shot that Brock Holt hit at him in the 4th, that would have been the final out of the inning, but he allowed go by for a hit and a run (could’ve easily been charged an error), followed by a walk and the 3-run bomb to Mitch Moreland to make it 4-0 Boston, vs 0-0 heading into the 5th when Brett Gardner hit a homerun. Maybe the whole game changes around.

Maybe German’s pitch count wouldn’t have continued to rise in that 4th and he would’ve made it through the 5th instead of yielding to Nestor Cortes Jr.with 1 out and a runner on; Nestor allowed a walk and a double and an intentional walk and groundout and it was 6-1. Ballgame.

Not a big deal.

Except I still remember when Doc Medich lost his try at his 20th win in 1974 — when Lou Piniella and Elliott Maddox each thought the other was going to catch that ball in right, and it fell for the RBI double in the 8th, tieing the game and allowing Milwaukee to win it in 10, giving Medich the loss (finished 19-15) and eliminated the Yanks from the chase for the division title and playoffs — with 1 game left they fell to 2 games behind Baltimore.

All caused by Bobby Murcer not being in his normal right field (Piniella was switched over from left in the ballgame and admitted afterward he felt in unfamiliar territory on the botched call between him and Maddox) because Murcer hurt his shoulder the night before breaking up a fight between Bill Sudakis and Rick Dempsey.

Still hurts 45 years later.

Not as much on the line this time — and German still has a chance at 20 wins. He’s been averaging 3.4 a month but now has to motor it after getting a no decision his last start and the loss in this one. Houston won so they are now tied with the Yankees for best record in baseball; the Dodgers .5 back.

“Hard to fault Greybeard,” said Yankee fan John Snyder, “as he’s had a great season.” Adding: Domingo “can’t stay away from the 3-run homer.”

Price Excuses Pay Off

If you fell asleep after the 5th inning you didn’t miss anything — the Yankees never came close to mounting a rally. This was a game that David Price was supposed to pitch, which had Yankee fans salivating all week, then the day before the start said his wrist was bothering him so he wouldn’t start against the Yankees, which had Yankee Twitter having a field day laughing at his expense/excuse. “Why is he a scaredy cat?” asked Yankee fan John Morra. Price has been rocked so badly by the Yankees during his career.

Instead the Red Sox threw ‘opener’ Jhoulys Chacin and their bullpen at the Yankees — which threw the Yankees completely off — only 3 hits — and gave the Red Sox the last laugh. The Red Sox threw a virtual parade of pitchers at the Yankees — 7 (seven) in all — and were lucky they didn’t pick a guy having an off night.

Yankees Got 3 Hits

Didi Gregorius was the only Yankee to get a hit besides Gardner (2 hits including that home run). DJ LeMahieu was 0-3 with a walk dropping his average to .329 and is now squarely 2nd in the league in batting behind the White Sox’s Tim Anderson (.333). Gary Sanchez got 2 walks in going 0-2. Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Edwin Encarnacion, Luke Voit, Mike Tauchman — all hitless.

With the 40-man roster, all kinds of Yankees are appearing out of nowhere, like Tyler Lyons, who pitched a shutout inning. Chance Adams pitched a shutout 9th — so there was that.


Neither the Yankees twitter account nor the YES Network twitter account broadcast highlight videos of this game. The best they could muster was Yes Network retweeting Trenton Thunder tweets like this one of Luis Severino:

The Boxscore


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