Jesus Christ! — July 25, 2019: Boston 19 NY 3

Jesus Christ! Masahiro Tanaka did NOT have it and Boston riddled the Yankees the way Sonny Corleone got riddled with bullets at the toll booth in The Godfather. Aaron Boone left him in — because he was trying to save his ballpen, or out of spite. As a fan watching the game, logic dictated the former but your brain told you the later.

The Yankees official twitter channel did not tweet a single highlight for the evening, and YES Network only one — Kyle Higashioka‘s homerun below. So the Godfather clip is as good as any highlight characterizing this game for the Yankees that you’ll see.

Tanaka allowed 7 runs in the 1st, then ‘settled down’ for 2 shutout innings, and then could only get 1 out in the 4th — 5 more runs came in. His line: 3.1 IP, 12 Runs all earned.

Then Stephen Tarpley came in. And he didn’t have it. 4 more runs in 1.1 innings of work.

Thank Heaven for Cessa

Finally, Luis Cessa came in and pitched 2 shutout innings. Maybe the Red Sox were tired, or maybe it was because Luis Cessa has been pitching terrifically the last month.

Austin Romine — the Yankees’ catcher for anyone reading this who is not a Yankee fan and is not sure — pitched the 8th, allowing 3 runs. The Red Sox got 23 hits in this game.

On the other hill, Rick Porcello did a pretty good job — 6 innings, 3 runs. And the Boston ballpen shut the Yankees out. DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Edwin Encarnacion — the top 4 hitters in the Yankee lineup — all went hitless.

Just a complete disaster. Except for Luke Voit who went 3 for 4. And Kyle Higashioka, who hit his first homerun of the season.

The bottom half of the Yankee lineup — Didi Gregorius, Voit, Gleyber Torres, Mike Tauchman (now batting .275), and Higashioka — all got a hit.


Troy Tulowitzki announced his retirement during the evening. So there was that.

The Boxscore

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