Former Rockies Crush Colorado — July 19, 2019: NY 8 Colorado 2

Mike Tauchman, Adam Ottavino, and DJ LeMahieu all played key roles in crushing the Colorado Rockies on a HUMID hot Friday night at Yankee Stadium. A year ago, they were all on the Rockies.

LeMahieu the machine got 2 hits, 2 RBI’s (setting a career high with 67 and it is still July), and 2 runs scored. Adam Ottavino struck out the side in the 6th. And Michael Tauchman was the player of the game in the field, on the bases, and at the bat. The former 5-tool star prospect who was never actually that — played the game like Bobby Murcer used to, with a stronger arm.

“I think it felt really good,” said Ottavino after the game. “Everybody wants to perform well against familiar people. I’m really happy for Tauchman, especially. He had an unbelievable all-around game. They (the Rockies) didn’t give him a lot of chances, honestly, and he came and put his best foot forward here today, and I know it meant a lot to him honestly.”

Tauchman’s Career

Tauchman is now 28 years old, in his 3rd season in MLB. He has 122 At Bats for the Yanks — playing due to the many early season injuries — with a 5-19-.246 (.338 OBP) line. He was the outfielder the Yanks went out and got just as Spring training was ending, causing Tyler Wade to get so pissed off — as Wade thought he would start the season as a reserve outfielder, and the Yanks told him they went out and acquired a ‘real outfielder’. This is by far the most Tauchman has played in the bigs.

Tauchman had a terrific run through the minors from 2013 to 2017 — batting .331 with 16 homers and 16 SB in 2017 and .323 with 20 homers and 12 SB  in 2018 in AAA for Colorado.

Oddly enough, he is nowhere to be found on MLB’s top 30 prospects for Colorado in 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2018.

Tauchman’s Defense

In the 2nd, with Colorado up 2-0, Charlie Blackmon hit a long fly to left for what appeared to be a sacrifice fly with one of the fastest runners in baseball at 3rd, Garrett Hampson. But Tauchman caught the ball and through a bullet home to nab Hampson for the inning-ending double play!

Riding the Bat of Red Hot Encarnacion

Red-hot Edwin Encarnacion, who has never played for Colorado, got the Yanks on the board with a Grand Slam in the 3rd — erasing a 2-0 Colorado lead.

In the 4th, Mike Tauchman singled, stole 2nd, went to 3rd when the throw to 2nd went awry, then aggressively scored on a grounder by LeMahieu. He ran the bases the way Bobby Murcer used to run the bases, although Murcer was notorious for barreling hard into the catcher — a practice illegal now.

In the 6th, Aaron Judge hit the homerun I predicted he would hit last night.


It was a happy J.A Happ benefiting from the Tauchman defense, and the Yankee offense, giving the Yanks 5 innings, 2 runs, 8 strikeouts for the win — he is now 8-5 4.86. Stephen Tarpley pitched 3 shutout innings — and the lefty looked terrific, striking out 6 including the side in the 7th.

The Boxscore

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