Brett Gardner Finally An All-Star: A Non-Expert’s Opinion

I’m by no means a baseball expert. Some might say I have no knowledge of baseball at all.  I live in a house with two huge Yankee fans: my husband and daughter — so my knowledge of baseball comes from osmosis. The game is on, but I am not really watching it. I go with my husband and daughter to Yankee games, but I’m slightly more excited about eating hotdogs and popcorn than the game itself.  As I walk by the TV in between doing the dishes or the laundry or munching on my hotdog and popcorn feast at a game, I hear things that my husband, daughter, and the baseball commentators say. Some things I absorb; other things, I don’t, because, to be quite honest, I really don’t care.

gardnerThat all out of the way, one thing that I have absorbed and cared about is what a consistent player and role model Brett Gardner has become. I have also noticed that over the years, Gardner tends to NOT receive a lot of publicity from the media. That’s why even though I have never bothered to vote for a player to be on any All-Star Team, I took the time (much to my husband’s and daughter’s surprise) to vote for Gardner like a zillion times.  And that’s why I am thrilled that, this year, the baseball world has finally given Gardner the recognition he deserves by making him part of the 2015 All-Star Team.  I have a gut feeling that many certified baseball experts will agree with this non-expert’s opinion on this matter. (My husband and daughter do.)

Next, I’d like to see Gardner become more of an icon. How about he replace Matthew McConaughey in the Lincoln Town Car commercials?  Well, I guess I’ll save that discussion for another blog.

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